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Elizabeth Douville, Ph.D., ICD.D.

Dr. Elizabeth Douville is President and CEO of IRICoR, a Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research in Drug Discovery based at IRIC/University of Montreal.
She currently is a board member of two AmorChem I companies: SemaThera Inc. and Corbin Therapeutics Inc.

She was the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of AmorChem. As a co-founder of the fund, she was instrumental in elaborating the innovative early-stage investment model of AmorChem, in fundraising $90M over two funds, as well as in setting up and supervising the funds’ operations and governance model. Her deep ties into the academic world coupled to her strategic input and vision have been critical in the success of the funds. She sourced, led and oversaw the investments in a dozen of the funds’ promising university technologies and, successfully created several spin-off companies that have raised capital or partnered with pharmaceutical companies.