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Elizabeth Douville, PhD

Elizabeth is Managing Partner at AmorChem. As a co-founder, she played an important role in developing the innovative investment model for this life sciences fund specializing in early-stage investment. She is recognized for her strategic vision which is critical to the success of the fund.

Passionate about business start-ups and armed with great creativity in the way she sees the future of AmorChem’s investments, Elizabeth keeps a close eye on the fund’s portfolio to shape the companies that emerge from it. She has been involved in the early-stage efforts of several of the companies launched by the AmorChem Funds, including Inversago, Fairhaven Pharmaceuticals and Corbin Therapeutics, and has used her strategic vision to catalyze the creation of ARNA Therapeutics, a leading company in the field of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. She also made her mark in the OXO-ETE project, which she led from the first investment by AmorChem in 2013 to the sale of Fairhaven Pharmaceuticals to Liminal Biosciences in 2020, a company based on the OXO-ETE project which, at its inception, had attracted a co-investor and an experienced management team.

Her reputation as a very committed participant has led her to sit on the boards of directors of important organizations in the ecosystem. She has been a director of Genome Canada since 2016 and has served as Chair of the Board since 2019. She has been a member of the Canadian Foundation for Innovation since 2015 and will serve a second five-year term. In the past, she has worked extensively on the boards of BioQuébec and BioCanRx. In 2020, she received a Certificate in Leadership and Leadership Abilities from the Leadership Institute and participated in the prestigious GP Academy offered by the Business Development Bank of Canada.

Elizabeth began her venture capital career by joining the GeneChem family of funds in 1997, quickly rising from Manager to Senior Partner. She obtained a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Ottawa and a research grant from the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London, UK. She has completed a certificate in management from CIREM/University of Montreal.