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Montreal, May 21, 2024 – AmorChem II Fund L.P. (”AmorChem”) is delighted to announce that its RNA Zipcode delivery program has been acquired by Kodikaz Therapeutic Solutions, Inc. (”Kodikaz”), a New York City biotech focused on targeted delivery of cancer therapeutics. The RNA Zipcode program was the first university-based investment of AmorChem’s second fund and was developed by Professors Eric Lécuyer (Montreal Clinical Research Institute), Mathieu Blanchette (McGill University), and Jérôme Waldispühl (McGill University).

”We invested in this technology ahead of current trends and prior to the pandemic of 2020, when the promise of RNA-based therapeutics was crystallized in an effort that saved millions of lives. Focus on RNA-based therapeutics has grown steadily since, though one of the major issues remains delivery – not only to the appropriate tissue – but also to the correct subcellular localization. The work of Kodikaz on targeted delivery of therapeutics to cancer cells using their DNA zipcode technology made them a most attractive receptor for our assets, and in fact, both groups saw synergy in combining the two approaches. It’s truly exciting to see our RNA Zipcode program now move forward in collaboration between the researchers and the Kodikaz group, which includes a seasoned management team already in place,” says Kevin McBride, General Partner & CSO at AmorChem. 

”The success of our RNA Zipcode program highlights our specialized investment strategy: digging deep into Quebec academia searching for novel therapeutic approaches that will benefit patients. This often means that AmorChem bets on nascent technologies that have not yet been proven. In the RNA Zipcode case, our team spearheaded the collaboration between three teams from two major research institutions and AmorChem’s investment leveraged additional financial support from several granting agencies. Our mobilization of the appropriate human and financial resources allowed us to attract a valuable partner. This is now bringing a transformative academic technology one step closer to patients while building Kodikaz’s pipeline to a full suite of complementary delivery tools,” comments Inès Holzbaur, Managing Partner at AmorChem. 

”This is a great opportunity to partner with world-renowned inventors that bring expertise in artificial intelligence and RNA delivery. We are excited to bring in the new capability that permits us to further control delivery not only to the targeted cell but also within the cell with high specificity,” says Anthony Johnson, Kodikaz President & CEO.

The transaction was made possible by the great collaboration of Axelys and McGill University’s Office of Innovation + Partnerships. The RNA Zipcode program was generously supported by grants from the Genomic Applications Partnership Program (Genome Canada and Genome Quebec), as well as the Programme de soutien aux organismes de recherche et d’innovation (Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie) and Médicament Québec.

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