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At AmorChem we believe in the power of collaboration to help us transform biotech start ups into next gen companies

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Since 2011 we have taken great care in fostering a community made up of passionate academics, students, technology transfer officers, entrepreneurs and venture investors in order to help us achieve our collective goal: generating sustainable health and wealth via a thriving life sciences ecosystem.

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Featured Investments

ATP Synthase

Developing bacterial ATP synthase inhibitors as novel broad-spectrum antibiotics

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RNA Zipcodes

Allowing for the delivery of nucleic acid therapeutics to the appropriate subcellular localization

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MyX Thera Inc.

Designing an innovative delivery platform for novel product formulations

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Inversago Pharma Inc

Pioneering the comeback of CB1 inverse agonists.

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SpecificiT Pharma Inc.

Revolutionizing cellular therapies for hematological cancers with the unique MiHA platform approach

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Semathera Inc.

Semathera Inc.

Novel inhibitors of semaphorin 3A for the prevention and reversal of retinal vascular diseases

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Corbin Therapeutics Inc.

Corbin Therapeutics Inc.

Exploiting USP15 inhibition as a key mechanism to protect against neuroinflammation

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Mperia Therapeutics

The CD36 therapeutics development company with a focus in ophthalmology and cardiovascular medicine

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GvHD Diagnostic
Greater trochanter Fixation device
CD73 Immuno-oncology
CD36 CV Now Mperia
TALENs Friedreich’s ataxia
SEMA3A Now SemaThera
CFTR Acquired by Vertex
Chemogenomics AML prognostic
GAG AL Amyloidosis
17BHSD1 Oncology
USP15 Now Corbin
IGF-1 Trap Oncology
Urotensin Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
MiHa Now SpecificiT
S100A9 Under option
RNA foci Myotonic Dystrophy
OXO ETE Now Fairhaven
ABHD6 Diabetes
DNMTI Oncology
CD36 AMD Now Mperia
Porous Titanium Screw Fixation device
PSCK9 SD Hypercholesterolemia
PCSK9 SM Hypercholesterolemia