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Champions of the Amorchem KNOCK OUT 2019 !!

Montreal, April 26th 2019. The Contenders of the fifth AmorChem KNOCK OUTTM Event valiantly climbed into the ring and duked it out against a panel of Heavyweight Champions for a chance of winning a coveted $500,000 financing from AmorChem.

All the Contenders displayed remarkable courage and agility in the ring, yet only one team could stand victorious. The winners of the 2019 KNOCK OUT Event are:

Subject of financed program: Human neuraminidase inhibitors for the treatment of cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases.

“The 5th Edition of AmorChem’s KNOCK OUT was a great success,” says Inès Holzbaur, Founder and managing partner at AmorChem. “We created this KNOCK OUT to increase the research community’s awareness of our fund and to encourage its members to promote the commercial potential of their work. This team jumped at the opportunity and we are very excited to start working with researchers collaborating with GlycoNet, one of the Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada.”

“The Heavyweights had a tough job deciding on a winner among our high-quality Contenders,” comments Elizabeth Douville, Founder and managing partner at AmorChem. “We would like to thank the Contenders for rolling with the punches, our Heavyweights for bringing their individual expertise into the ring today and Christopher Hall for successfully keeping everyone battling within the rules.”

This KNOCK OUT was part of Effervescence, a scientific and business beehive event in the area of life sciences held on April 24-25 in Montreal. The AmorChem team warmly thanks its proud sponsors: Fonds de solidarité FTQ, Merck Canada, ROBIC and Royal Bank of Canada.

About AmorChem

AmorChem is a leading early stage venture capital fund launched in 2011 in Montreal. The AmorChem team utilizes its deep understanding of fundamental science to uncover its therapeutic potential and focuses its core expertise in translational research to accelerate therapeutic drug discovery and development across a broad spectrum of disease areas. The fund capitalises on both its venture capital expertise and its entrepreneurial experience to spark the creation of start-up companies and help shape them into the next generation of biotech companies. With over $85M under management, AmorChem has financed over 25 university projects and started up several biotechnology companies from the fruits of this innovative research.

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