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It takes a spark to trigger the creation of next generation biotech companies, and that spark is made up of people, passion and the promise of better health

AmorChem is a leading early stage venture fund dedicated to creating the next generation of biotech companies from academic research.

Since 2011, we have financed over 30 research programs in academia and accelerated the creation of several biotech companies, each with its own groundbreaking therapeutic paradigm.   

Passionate about fundamental research and its potential to generate transformational therapies, AmorChem has established a unique venture model tailored to capturing this untapped potential and transforming it into next generation biotech companies. As the earliest of venture funds, AmorChem takes a deep dive into the science and focuses its investments on the translational research necessary to bridge this innovation gap: the first spark!

At AmorChem our goal is to be the premier early-stage venture fund in Canada: building an active and collaborative community of biotech start-ups from academic research and fostering a new generation of passionate science entrepreneurs. 

$87M Under management
Over 600 Academic projects reviewed 
36 Unique Innovations Financed
9 Spin off Companies created